Fire Departments and Authorities

  • Saving Time Saves Lives
  • Ensures immediate fire notification
  • Safer Work Environment for Fire Fighters


OPEN ACCESSTM means code compliance

  • Faster, more reliable fire notification is a regulatory objective
  • Faster, more reliable alarm systems are a superior means of fire code compliance


OPEN ACCESSTM means open to UL/ULC Monitoring Stations

  • UL/ULC compliant monitoring companies can offer their customers a superior level of fire protection
  • Open architecture means compatibility with industry certified software. It can be interfaced with UL/ULC listed central fire stations and emergency services E 911 CAD systems
  • OPEN ACCESSTM can be added economically to current UL/ULC alarm monitoring station technologies. No changes or additions to alarm equipment are required at the customer site
  • Does not require additional capital expense for Fire Departments
  • Supportable by UL/ULC compliant monitoring services and all Fire Departments using electronic dispatch
  • Helps AHJ's (Authority Having Jurisdiction) ensure fire code compliance by ensuring every fire alarm signal is delivered to the fire department in accordance with CAN/ULC-S561