Insurance Companies

OPEN ACCESSTM means lower risk!

  • A faster more reliable means of connecting fire alarm monitoring stations and emergency response teams
  • Used in commercial buildings, high rise apartments, heavy industry, seniors' residences, hospitals, schools and city buildings

See article "Fire Protection: Complacency Burns!" under News & Endorsements.

The current fire alarm process:

  1. A fire alarm is triggered
  2. Someone on site phones the fire department
  3. Or - the fire alarm signals an operator at the alarm station and they then phone the fire department
  4. In both cases information is conveyed and recorded manually

Reporting a fire alarm takes time. Even 30 seconds is critical. In the early stages, fires progress exponentially.

The OPEN ACCESSTM opportunity

  • Manual procedural errors by call handlers may cause delays
  • Less than best possible alarm delivery is a systemic, ongoing problem for all of us
  • You already recognize these risks in your assessments and rates

The OPEN ACCESSTM Difference

  • Saving seconds means exponentially less fire damage, and lower risk
    • OPEN ACCESSTM is proven to save an average of 114.7 seconds!
  • Simple human errors causing excessive delays can be fatal
    • OPEN ACCESSTM means automatic alarm delivery ensuring immediate fire notification!