New CAD Interface Specifications for OPEN ACCESS™ v 2.0

Electronic transmission of fire signals to Computer Aided Dispatch [CAD] systems cuts response time by an average of almost two minutes, which benefits life safety both and property protection.

Toronto, Canada. February 24th, 2003

Fire Monitoring Technologies International Inc. has released new Computer Aided Dispatch [or CAD] interface specifications for the new version of OPEN ACCESS™. OPEN ACCESS™ is a system which encompasses the network, hardware and software required to deliver a fire alarm signal electronically from an alarm monitoring station directly to the appropriate dispatch center or PSAP [Public Safety Answering Point] corresponding to the location from which that signal originates.

An independent study conducted in Mississauga, Ontario, two years ago confirmed that electronic transmission of fire signals to the fire department, or e-DTF, reduces response time by an average of 114.7 seconds, or almost two full minutes.

By making the specifications publicly available, the company is confirming its intention to build a truly open platform. "We want to make the benefits of enhanced response time available to customers of any UL/ULC-listed alarm monitoring station in a variety of jurisdictions who may wish to participate", said Jim Asselstine, FMTI's President and CEO.

Because of the nature of the technology, OPEN ACCESS™ works best in municipalities with computerized emergency dispatch.

The new version of OPEN ACCESS™ improves on the earlier version in terms of additional speed, reliability, and redundancy. The new version will be less costly to operate because the underlying communication platform shifts to the internet, and these savings will be passed on to end-users.

The OPEN ACCESS™ network will route fire signals to CAD systems using a similar protocol to that used to handle 911 calls. By choosing a methodology already common to CAD systems, FMTI will minimize the one-time interface re-design costs, and make it as feasible as possible for fire departments across North America with electronic dispatch to participate.

Despite the similarities, the OPEN ACCESS™ network does not in any way interact or communicate with the PSAP's telephone switching equipment or the ALI database system. "Maintaining the integrity of the existing CAD system was a fundamental consideration in the development of v 2.0", commented Mr. Asselstine. The company already has several cities, representing varying CAD vendors, prepared to undertake the interface re-write. "We're pleased with this vote of confidence", added Asselstine.

For more technical details and other information on the interface specs, please visit: http://www.openaccess.ca/cad_interface_specifications.htm

Fire Monitoring Technologies International Inc., or FMTI, is a leading e-based fire response technology supplier with offices in Toronto and St. Catharines, Ontario. More information on OPEN ACCESS™ and e-DTF can be found at www.openaccess.ca

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