City of Mississauga Endorsement Letter

Memo by C.W. Hare, Fire Chief

Community Services Department Fire and Emergency Services City of Mississauga

Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services has been working for many years to reduce our response time for emergencies. One of the key elements in improving emergency response is early notification of an emergency. The sooner firefighting personnel can respond to an emergency the greater the chance of minimizing a loss of life and property.

In an effort to improve emergency notification, Mississauga Fire and Emergency services has entered into a new an innovative technology in fire notification systems known as Open Access. Open Access allows fire alarms from any property that is monitored by an alarm company to be automatically transmitted directly to our fire dispatch computer.

Open Access takes minutes out of our response time. In a conventional alarm monitoring system the alarm company operator must receive the emergency and then call the communications office and verbally provide information regarding the alarm. This takes time and introduces a possibility of error. With Open Access the alarm information is immediately transmitted to the fire dispatch computer. The computer contains information regarding every premises and, with a few keystrokes, the dispatcher can immediately dispatch the required personnel and equipment. The alarm monitoring company automatically receives an acknowledgement that the fire department has processed the call. If for any reason there is a problem and delay in dispatch, the alarm monitoring company operator will immediately call the communications centre. Open Access is the only technology today that offers there features.

Mississauga Fire & Emergency Services endorses the benefits of Open Access. We recommend that you contact your alarm monitoring company or contact our administrative offices for a list of monitoring companies participating in Open Access.

Yours truly,
C.W. Hare
Fire Chief