City of Oshawa Endorsement Letter

Memo from the Office of the Fire Chief

Department of Community Services — September 1998

By Milt Wilson

A progressive FIRE SERVICE strives to provide mechanisms to reduce response times to emergency incidents. Early notification allows for lives to be saved, property damage to be minimized and a deduction of manpower and equipment to control major occurrences.

The Oshawa Fire Services is taking advantage of the latest technology in fire alarm monitoring. Open Access is a new initiative that combines the public and private sectors in a life-saving partnership. All buildings that have a fire alarm system can be better protected through earlier notification to the Fire Service.

This new technology instantly notifies the local fire service when an alarm condition is identified. Alarms are transmitted directly to the Fire Communications Centre with no delays. Your monitoring company also receives the alarm, assuring that no incident goes undetected. In this way, no alarm is lost or misdirected and true emergencies are handled in a more timely manner. In short, everyone wins with this new technology.

The Oshawa Fire Services endorses Open Access and urges that you contact your fire alarm monitoring company to discuss involvement in the program.

Should you require further information regarding this matter and a list of participating companies, contact our Fire Prevention Division at the address below or (905) 433-1237.

Milt Wilson,
Fire Chief,
Oshawa Fire Services